To be honist I have not had a school lunch since 4th or 5th grade, but the entire time before that I did eat school lunches. When I was a kid i must have enjoyed school lunches because i know i have always been a picky eater meaning if i don't like it i will not eat it, it's as simple as that, but lately I have noticed that my friends who do eat school lunches don't absolotly love them. lately we have been hearing tons about how students want more food for lunch but they simpily cant get it, now officials say that this is an attempt to cut back on childhood obesety I am aware that i am no doctor but I am a kid and I will tell you first hand, I have a healthy weight as far as my doctor is concerned and I do spend quite a few days sitting around doing nothing but watch tv and eat chips, the way that we stop obesity is exersise and a helthy diet a little junk foor is better than no junk food at all because i have seen friends of mine who when left alone with snow cone mix will eat 15 snow cones witch causes them to get realy sick when in reality if there mom had let them eat a candy bar ones a day thay would have only had 2 snow cones, this same thing can be aplyed to school lunches we do not need to have ice cream buffets but maybe a realy good pice of pizza and some fresh carrots with the kids choice of sauce and juce then maybe kids would eat healty and enjoy it.

     A fix of this kind would be simple. throw out the fancy nutritionist and scientists and  listen to the kids I can garente you will get real answers that are not just about instaling ice cream bars, you could also get rid of mystery meats and graveys anything that A) you cant tell exactly what it is or B) executives will not eat. kids want answers not to be over looked. we may be short but we arnt crazy.
If I had to give up one pice of tech I think it would be my phone. I think the even thought phones have made it easer to contact others we may use tech to much and it may be hurting us more than we realize. I heard one study that says people are having trouble falling asleep because their brains are stimulated by the blue light(the back light that illuminates our favorite devices). this study says that one simple fix is 15 minutes before bed time to put anything with a blue light down and do something simple, this will give your brain time to wind down.
        what you are probably thinking is the same thing i thought when i heard this study "how can i possibly set down my devices i have emails and alerts constantly coming in, and i play games to wind down my brain." I have a few simple things you can do.
  • sadoku- you wind down your brain and relax
  • crosswords
  • word jumbles
  • anything in a news paper
  • read a book
  • riddles
  • stores with holes
  • think
Night was a book I read over spring break, I cannot say I enjoyed the book because the corse of events were so horrid I feel it would be almost wrong. Night is the true story about the authors time in the concentration camp auchwitz. Elie was 15 years old when he and his family were moved to the camp, what're he lost his mother and little sister to the crematory and only by telling the do tears he was 18 did he save himself. On his first night in the camp Elie and his father unknowingly started what Elie latter describes as one long night. The story follows Elie and his father throught there time at the camp and after the death of his father just Elie until the day when allied troops liberated the camp. I am amazed at how this boy only a year older than I survived the hardships he did because I don't honestly think I could have. I can only admire him for his drive and perseverance and hope that if I am ever put throught the same things I to can survive.
Check out the web for more things on night and the author!
     Webster defines innovation as the act of introducing something new, maybe it is a new idea, method, or product. for me a synonym to innovator is Steve jobs. Steve jobs was the CEO of apple and for millions of people like me his name means the same thing. when my teacher gave us an assignment to wright about and innovator I was going to do it on Mr. Jobs but I decided to try and be like him I would challenge myself and find an innovator that is not obvious.
    Have you every heard the name Tim Berners-Lee? If you are reading this post you should think him. why? Tim Berners-lee created the world wide web. I think he qualifies as an innovator, don't you? I mean the world wide web that is a pretty big task. So a pat on the back to Mr. Berners-lee and all his co-innovators.
                Monday morning at 6:30 32 other students and myself were on a bus headed to San Diego  more specifically Sea Camp. Now on this Thursday at 4:06 I find myself wishing I was back at camp. the first day of camp we went bogi boarding after donning wet suites and went on a beach walk. after lunch we went to old mans beach and went tide pooling, witch turned out to be an awesome expereance! we looked under rocks and in puddles for aquatics animals before putting them in buckets so we could look at them and talk about them before turning them lose. The second day at sea camp we went on a boat ride for 4 hours at the end of witch we took part in an activity in witch you drag a net along the bottom on the ocean and catch things like lobster, pipe fish  and tone of other fish. after the boat ride and lunch, we went snorkeling, and saning. my group found two giant black sea hairs and their row of egg's that we got to hold.  the third and final day we awoke in our bunks, after getting breakfast we got dressed and went kayaking  one of the coolest things we saw was and explosion in the moon jelly population in the bay we were in. we all got a relay cool experiences because we were able to puck up the moon jelly's without getting stung because human skin is to think to be stung by a moon jelly. after we paddled back to camp(standing up) we rinsed of and changed to go on our very last trip to Sea World. we all had a blast at sea world doing everything we had time to witch in the case of my group was everything we even got to see baby sham o  none of us wanted to leave sea camp and we hope we can go back soon.
This picture is of a sea hare that is probably the same size of the ones I got to hold!
                 In my opinion dreams are what reality is made of. Take Marten Luther King for example, he had a  ream that one day race would not cause discrimination. That was a dream that he made a reality. Sounds like i just proved my hypothesis right, no I have another question  I know that dreams don't always come true but how much do those unused dreams influence our life's? Comment on this post to tell be what you think. 
                                        Good luck! 
What is the meaning of life? The answer changes with who you ask. But really is it to be happy, be able to provide for yourself, eat the biggest candy bar in the world. And why are we as humans so interested in finding the meaning of life? My theory, we like answers and want to know as much about our surroundings as we can. But why? Are we reverting to an instinct from our cave man days? Comment on this post with your theory.
       Lawless, Ruleless, and Anarchy are all the same things. I think it would be scary to be in a place that has no laws. I think there would be a large amount of looting, murder, and steeling. I don't think I would like to live in a lawless place. I don't think anyone would want to live in a truly lawless place., because even the most lawless place has people abiding to self rules. 
 I can not wait for ISTE to come, I know in the back of my mind that it will be a long long long road to get all of the money to pay for our trip but to be honest I think we will be fine, and I have some ideas of how to get money for ISTE.
  • Working at dances.
  • Donations
  • Selling food after school
  • I was thinking about asking my church for a donation since two people in my class go to that church.
As for how I think ISTE will be, I don't know. I am excited, and I know it will be tons of fun. I can't wait to go to ISTE 2013! I will admit that when we walked into class the first day of school and my teacher said how we were going to go to the biggest tech confrance in the world I was a skeptic, you see being a kid the first day of school is always filled with promises and by the 8th grade we know teachers don't always get to do everything they promise us they will so we rolled our eyes and nodded along and now look at us.

For those of you who have yet to see PBS's drama Downton Abby you are missing out. Last year my mom came home with the season 1 disk I thought it was going to be stupid but now I'm hooked! Downton Abby is the drama about a family and there servants in the 1920's and all there problems. Season 1 ended with the father Lord Grandthum announcing to his party gest's that world war 1 has started. Season 2 begens showing mathew Lord Grandthums hare in the tranches. And throught out the season you see the romance developing between mathew and Mary Lord Grandthems oldest daughter and also between sibble the second daughter and the family chufer brandson who she runs away with to Ireland, and Edith the youngest girl who falls for a man far older than her, but poor Eden has to fight up hill for her family to accept this man because he has been injured in the war. I could go on forever about all of the tourtured soles living under the roof and backstabbing done whenever the public has a blind eye but alas you wouldn't have time to read this so instead I Advise you to tune in on Sunday night to PBS and get your Downton on!