I am becoming more and more worried about what the outcome of the cold war and how safe my family rely is. This morning I herd mother and father talking about the progress the government is making and the threat of something called a nuclear bomb. I talked to my brother about it but he turned very pail and said something about vaporization and the human population. I am terribly worried about what would happen should we all die, not only for my family but for our beloved house and dog. I know that the house would take care of Fido but i would miss him terribly. Last night before I fell asleep the house read one of mothers favorite poems to us it is by   Sara Teasdale. It is a slightly haunting story and makes me wonder if soon the things Miss. Teasdale wrote about will come true. I do hope that should a bomb kill us all, I will not lose my family or at least i will see them again. So with that i will sign of with the hope and faith that no matter what happens in the years and days to come my family will be together in the end. 

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