For those of you who have yet to see PBS's drama Downton Abby you are missing out. Last year my mom came home with the season 1 disk I thought it was going to be stupid but now I'm hooked! Downton Abby is the drama about a family and there servants in the 1920's and all there problems. Season 1 ended with the father Lord Grandthum announcing to his party gest's that world war 1 has started. Season 2 begens showing mathew Lord Grandthums hare in the tranches. And throught out the season you see the romance developing between mathew and Mary Lord Grandthems oldest daughter and also between sibble the second daughter and the family chufer brandson who she runs away with to Ireland, and Edith the youngest girl who falls for a man far older than her, but poor Eden has to fight up hill for her family to accept this man because he has been injured in the war. I could go on forever about all of the tourtured soles living under the roof and backstabbing done whenever the public has a blind eye but alas you wouldn't have time to read this so instead I Advise you to tune in on Sunday night to PBS and get your Downton on!
1/24/2013 13:45:31

I absolutely love love DA!

1/24/2013 14:01:53

Totally agree.

1/24/2013 13:56:03

I wish someone would beat the crap out of Thomas. I hate that guy.

2/14/2013 03:50:09

I don't love all of Thomas' choices but I do feel for the guy especialy when Sible died and he cryed.

1/24/2013 13:57:55

I keep waiting for poor Bates to get out of prison. He needs a break.

1/24/2013 14:00:53

Did not see Edith getting stood up at the altar.

1/24/2013 14:04:19

Lord Grantham cannot catch a break. Loved it when he sent Branson to bed like a dog. Woof!


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