My life if forever changed, my dreams crushed. Okay mayby not but I just got back my results and... not to happy with myself. Ever since I was little Everywhare I went people always said that I was going to be an orthodonist, an Archatect, an Engenear, a Lawyer. Well my results say difrently. Applied Arts, the ideas under it are things I like I will give them that, and frankly I am absolotly terified of ending up with a desk job, but you always hear how it's the free lance people the artists, and ilistrators that are in debt and homeless. Thats what I got. I will say agen I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY! but I guess I am just scared of endu=ing up like "Two Broke Girls" but the second I typed this I relized that they are living there dream they have there very own bisness. I am going to be fine. (or that could just be the Katie Perry talking but I will take it)
    Good luck to you and may you stumble a good few times befor tasting fame so you dont forget the other little people! one more thing Happy Birthday

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