I was going to make this post about how I hate being sick, but whal brainstorming in my car I cam up with the qustion "Is being sick or scikness realy necisary? do we as humans have to get sick?" I almost imediantly answered yes, no, I'm not saying cancer is good but, is it necicary and in one asspect or another i can find someone that it has helped. Take the movie 50/50, now look past all the fowl langauge and cursing and what do you get? The story of a regular dude who got blindsided by a rare cancer and found help with his friend the only person who hadent left him. now back up "the only person who had not left him" thats right his girlfrind left him just a short while after he got cancer now ask yourself "What would have happened should he not have gotten cancer and maried this girl they got marird had a family all that stuff, then he gets cancer. she still would have left him and he never would have fallen for his tharapist.
     So do I think sickness has its good side yep it has to have some purpse. Do I like being sick NO! but is it necicary yes.

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