Night was a book I read over spring break, I cannot say I enjoyed the book because the corse of events were so horrid I feel it would be almost wrong. Night is the true story about the authors time in the concentration camp auchwitz. Elie was 15 years old when he and his family were moved to the camp, what're he lost his mother and little sister to the crematory and only by telling the do tears he was 18 did he save himself. On his first night in the camp Elie and his father unknowingly started what Elie latter describes as one long night. The story follows Elie and his father throught there time at the camp and after the death of his father just Elie until the day when allied troops liberated the camp. I am amazed at how this boy only a year older than I survived the hardships he did because I don't honestly think I could have. I can only admire him for his drive and perseverance and hope that if I am ever put throught the same things I to can survive.
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