To be honist I have not had a school lunch since 4th or 5th grade, but the entire time before that I did eat school lunches. When I was a kid i must have enjoyed school lunches because i know i have always been a picky eater meaning if i don't like it i will not eat it, it's as simple as that, but lately I have noticed that my friends who do eat school lunches don't absolotly love them. lately we have been hearing tons about how students want more food for lunch but they simpily cant get it, now officials say that this is an attempt to cut back on childhood obesety I am aware that i am no doctor but I am a kid and I will tell you first hand, I have a healthy weight as far as my doctor is concerned and I do spend quite a few days sitting around doing nothing but watch tv and eat chips, the way that we stop obesity is exersise and a helthy diet a little junk foor is better than no junk food at all because i have seen friends of mine who when left alone with snow cone mix will eat 15 snow cones witch causes them to get realy sick when in reality if there mom had let them eat a candy bar ones a day thay would have only had 2 snow cones, this same thing can be aplyed to school lunches we do not need to have ice cream buffets but maybe a realy good pice of pizza and some fresh carrots with the kids choice of sauce and juce then maybe kids would eat healty and enjoy it.

     A fix of this kind would be simple. throw out the fancy nutritionist and scientists and  listen to the kids I can garente you will get real answers that are not just about instaling ice cream bars, you could also get rid of mystery meats and graveys anything that A) you cant tell exactly what it is or B) executives will not eat. kids want answers not to be over looked. we may be short but we arnt crazy.

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