Monday morning at 6:30 32 other students and myself were on a bus headed to San Diego  more specifically Sea Camp. Now on this Thursday at 4:06 I find myself wishing I was back at camp. the first day of camp we went bogi boarding after donning wet suites and went on a beach walk. after lunch we went to old mans beach and went tide pooling, witch turned out to be an awesome expereance! we looked under rocks and in puddles for aquatics animals before putting them in buckets so we could look at them and talk about them before turning them lose. The second day at sea camp we went on a boat ride for 4 hours at the end of witch we took part in an activity in witch you drag a net along the bottom on the ocean and catch things like lobster, pipe fish  and tone of other fish. after the boat ride and lunch, we went snorkeling, and saning. my group found two giant black sea hairs and their row of egg's that we got to hold.  the third and final day we awoke in our bunks, after getting breakfast we got dressed and went kayaking  one of the coolest things we saw was and explosion in the moon jelly population in the bay we were in. we all got a relay cool experiences because we were able to puck up the moon jelly's without getting stung because human skin is to think to be stung by a moon jelly. after we paddled back to camp(standing up) we rinsed of and changed to go on our very last trip to Sea World. we all had a blast at sea world doing everything we had time to witch in the case of my group was everything we even got to see baby sham o  none of us wanted to leave sea camp and we hope we can go back soon.
This picture is of a sea hare that is probably the same size of the ones I got to hold!
3/4/2013 11:20:17

I, too, wish to go back. My favorite experience was being there during the jelly population explosion and, of course, holding the sea hare. It had such a queer texture.


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