In class we read a book by Ray Bradbury called The Halloween Tree, and naturally we have a project on it, but this project unlike the others is a freebee. I am doing my project on the motifs, and the unlooked at costumes in the book, with a website I haven't tried before called Think Link. com it seems cool you take a picture and then add links to things like other pictures, movie clips, and even text. What I am planning to do is get a picture of either the boys in costume, or the Halloween tree, and embed movie clips using puppet pals (an app on my teacher’s ipad) to make mock interviews with the kids in costume where they tell about the history of their costume. That covers the costume history part but the motifs part I am still questioning I am planning to use the same think link, but I don’t know how to present it I am thinking of drawing pictures of each of the 3 motifs I am using and explaining in text why they are such. For example there is a kite that the boys make out of old circus posters that literally seemed to fly into place, and the motif for that is supernatural. Meaning I will draw a picture of the kite or something like that)I underlined the theology I mentioned and if i could find one I added a link.If you have any comments or suggestions let me know. Have a great Friday!

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