I have always wanted to know, who's idea was it to start testing students every nine weeks? I am only asking this because this week at my school it is Galileo week (well it is more of a week and next Monday but I think week sounds better) meaning on Monday and Tuesday we get to take a math test, today and tomorrow we are working on are reading test, and Friday and Monday it is science day. Now don't get me wrong I love school but if you do the math that means we spend 4 weeks out of the school year  stressing out about testing, plus the end of the year testing and all the test you get for gifted and explorer tests. So I have decided to ask on behalf of all the kids in the world that on test day we get a few things. A) No homework. The reason behind this, we had a long day and enough to worry about. B) Unlimited candy. If you are going to force us to take the tests why not reward us and you can work out a system that for every three or something answers we get right we get a piece of candy to encourage us to try our hardest. I should send a letter to congress about that. I could call it "The Candy Claus" (Sounds professional right?) "Candy for all" . At least I know that kids and grownups with a sweet tooth would vote for it. If you feel the same way let me know, you could help me with "The Candy Claus". Have a good day!
1/24/2013 14:07:22

It only gets worse the older you get. The test(s) that is. Now candy is good. Tests bad.

1/24/2013 14:08:48

Congress don't have any money. They couldn't agree anyway. Free candy would be good.


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