If I had to give up one pice of tech I think it would be my phone. I think the even thought phones have made it easer to contact others we may use tech to much and it may be hurting us more than we realize. I heard one study that says people are having trouble falling asleep because their brains are stimulated by the blue light(the back light that illuminates our favorite devices). this study says that one simple fix is 15 minutes before bed time to put anything with a blue light down and do something simple, this will give your brain time to wind down.
        what you are probably thinking is the same thing i thought when i heard this study "how can i possibly set down my devices i have emails and alerts constantly coming in, and i play games to wind down my brain." I have a few simple things you can do.
  • sadoku- you wind down your brain and relax
  • crosswords
  • word jumbles
  • anything in a news paper
  • read a book
  • riddles
  • stores with holes
  • think

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